We only Produce Qualified Rivets !

We have our own definition of qualified products ,the IATF 16949:2016 standard is a icon that we measure the quality of fastener, without the strict requirements, we can never produce blind rivets that satisfy our customers.

Efficient & Strict production management

The high efficiency production of Washen is based on the high quality. In order to achieve high efficiency and high quality, Washen carry out 6S management methods persistently , it eliminate the risk caused by human judgment , improving productivity and product quality effectively .

Quality Control System, Overall Control

From the beginning of 2010, Washen began to follow the ISO9001 quality management system and IATF 16949:2016 acquired,under the principle of creating“Supreme Quality", Washen keeps pursuing perfect quality management.

Quality Assurance, Starting from Raw Materials

The key of quality assurance is cooperating with raw material suppliers ,who also have same strict requirements for quality. That’s why we choose international suppliers as partners, we have strict requirement for raw materials & spare parts ,the most important we can R&D specific required raw material with devoted raw material partners .

16 Steps Quality Control is Never too Complicated

From the raw material to rivet, there will be 16 steps of Q.C. during manufacturing ,we use Vision Measuring System, Profilometer, Measuring Projector, Tensile & Shearing Set, Push-out Force Measurer Rivets Spinning Sets, Concentricity Detector,to ensure the quality of Washen rivets!

International standard, Authoritative test

WASHEN has established inspection center based on IATF 16949:2016, providing reliable inspection or calibration data for clients and other companies in the same field to guarantee product quality. We believe that the market is not inspection center, and products failing strict and repeated tests are not allowed to get into market. We are responsible for client in more than 60 countries and regions and each user.

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