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Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a high-tech fastener manufacturer professionally supplies rivets & solutions to automobile industry and industrial application industry, and it has had more than two hundred well-know clients all over the world by virtue of the leading technology, the diversified product resources and high-quality services.



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Superiority for craftsmanship, Manufacturing with precision

Jiangsu Washen is professional in manufacturing high strength and qualified Blind rivet, Rivet nut & riveting tool, who is focusing mainly on Mono-Locks & Now-locks, Hem-Firm Rivets watertight & Tri-Firm Rivets, Multigrip & Unigrip Rivets, Open Type Rivets, Sealed Type Rivets,WS- Bolts, WS-BOOM, WS-Grip ,Rivet Nut, SPR, Riveting Tools etc. What’s more, Washen could design and produce according to customer requirement and provide design of application, riveting training, Riveting tools maintenance etc. to our customers.

With the high quality and high reliability, Washen is an ideal partner of the global commerce and trade, automobile industry and industrial application industry.

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